Enhance Skin Care

KEY- 8 weeks after 1st treatment.
LOCK- originally tattooed on at the same time.


You have only your tattoo to lose
*Less painful than laser
*Removes ALL colours
*Safer for all skin types

Enhance Skin Care uses a natural tattoo removal solution that is non toxic.

Lasers finds it difficult to remove all colours particularly blue, green, reds and yellow. Our method removes these as well as black, it is also safer for darker skin tones.

Lasers work by exploding the ink particles making them smaller so that the body can absorb the ink through the lymphatic system. Our method draws ink to surface, preventing toxins from enter the body. It is less painful and can be used on sensitive areas successfully. Emla anaesthetic can be purchased over the counter at chemists and should be applied and covered with glad wrap 30mins before coming to your appointment. The process feels very similar to getting a tattoo. Results and the amount of treatments needed depends on the age, depth and quality of ink used in the original tattoo. Older non-laser methods used to bleach or burn the skin with very little success and a high risk of scarring. Our method is more gentle and the skin heals very well if the aftercare instructions are followed correctly. Once healed, the area can also be tattooed over again, so it is a great way to change your current ink art.

safe tattoo removal


A gradual fade will occur over 8 to 12 treatments. Results depend on colour, age and type of original ink used.