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microblading v's feather touch

You have probably heard about microblading eyebrows by now so here is some clarification. Microblading is excellent for a natural looking brow to help fill in gaps in the brow. It is a much finer hair stroke than feather touch with a cosmetic tattoo gun. Traditionally cosmetic tattoos give a solid to ombre effect on the brows. This is perfect for people who like to wear more make-up.

Microblading Eyebrows

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All methods use the same colours and are considered cosmetic tattooing however microblading or feather touch refers to the intensity of the colour. Generally solid and intense colours have a longer lasting look. Microblading is therefore better if you are preferring a soft natural look that lasts under 2yrs. Feather touch is similar but will usually last 1-3yrs. Cosmetic tattoo can last uptown 5yrs. This can very depending on your medical history and how the are is treated such as the use of AHA's.
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